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Vandyman's Removals Here at Vandyman, we know that moving can be a real hassle, especially when you're pressed for time or when you are downsizing into a smaller home or office location. You're probably scratching your head, trying to think about where you'll store everything you do not need or have room for and how you're going to move all those big items and boxes that you can't fit in your vehicle.

This is where we will step in. We will pick your belongings up in one of our moving vehicles and move it to its new location. Our packers and movers are able to work quickly, getting you back up and running in little to no time at all. We will pack all of those big items into our vehicle, as we have the professional know-how, and will make everything fit in the best way, to avoid the number of trips it takes.

We know that moving can be expensive and we want to save you as much money as we can. Give us a call and we will give you a quote. You can also fill out an application online for one of our moving quotes.

Vandyman Home Removals The Vandyman and his team of removal specialists are a Plymouth and Lincolnshire family based company that offers a full range of home and office removal services. We are the "van for hire" that is able to undertake both short and long distance moves at any given time. We are the moving company that other movers disdain because

Having to move your business office means you are going to have down time. Down time means your business will be making less money. Just because your business is moving doesn't mean you aren't still in business. Our office removal solutions can help your down time from effecting your work time and money. When you relocate your office and you need a

Why not just let the man and his van do it all? You know moving is a hassle. You know it takes time and stresses you out. So why not just sit back, relax and let Vandyman do all the heavy lifting and the tedious work. We can provide you with a full moving and packing service that suits your exact needs. Vandyman's expert team of home movers will safely

We cannot properly carry out your home move without good access to your premises. Please ensure that you have spoken to your neighbours and, where necessary, arranged to leave parking places clear. Also all walkways, pathways, stairs and passages should be clear of any obstruction to allow us free movement to your property. You should ensure that you

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